Legacy Vault

In case of an emergency, would your family know where to find important information and documents at the click of a button? Are your life’s critical documents protected in case of a natural disaster? The Legacy Vault eliminates these worries!

Legacy Vault Client Portal

Premier Legacy Law has partnered with My Life & Wishes to provide our clients with a solution to securely and conveniently store and provide access to important information and documents using the Legacy Vault.

What is the Legacy Vault?

The Legacy Vault is a cloud-based, digital platform that provides you and your loved ones the peace of mind of knowing that secure access to a complete digital record of your most important documents and information is available at the click of a button. 

The Legacy Vault, provided by My Life & Wishes, offers our clients peace of mind that’s hard to match! You’ll sleep easier knowing you don’t need to worry about your family members struggling to piece together your financial information and estate planning documents in case of an emergency. No more misplacing copies of important documents, need to keep multiple copies, or losing copies of important documents in the event of natural disasters or emergencies. 

Best of all, we provide this service at no cost to our clients! 

What the Legacy Vault Provides

  • Document/Information Protection: No more losing or misplacing copies of important documents. Instead of worrying about keeping multiple paper copies of documents and important information in multiple locations, you now have one secure place to keep digital copies of these documents. Enjoy the convenience of updating important information and/or documents in your account – once you are done, you don’t need to worry about making copies of this information for your loved ones.
  • Secure Accessibility: Make it easier for your loved ones to have access to your records by securely sharing information about the locations of important documents.
  • Convenient Reference: Your authorized users can access your estate planning documents, medical directives, funeral preferences, insurance information, and much more at their fingertips. This becomes a lifesaver in the case of an emergency.
  • 24/7 Access: This cloud-based service provides you access to the Legacy Vault around the clock on all your favorite smart devices. You are welcome to make updates wherever and whenever you want.
  • Authorized Users You Specify: Give loved ones (e.g., spouse/partner, children, friends, or other family members) digital access to your plan on your terms. You limit what sections authorized users can see and access.
  • Enhanced Security: Top-level AES 256 encryption (U.S. government/military grade). No one except you, your co-owner, and your authorized users can see the information you enter and upload (not even us). We strongly encourage our clients to use the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as an additional layer of protection.